About Us


Canada, a country of vast wilderness, is increasingly becoming a nation of cities. The choices we make when designing urban spaces shape both the environment our children will inherit, and the strength of the economy we leave them.

Brinkman Restoration builds three things into every project: ecological integrity, fiscal sustainability and quality of life. Whether we’re designing green zones for new housing subdivisions or shoring up transit corridors with native species, our goal is to reduce maintenance costs and improve relationships between people and urban spaces. We call it “living infrastructure”.

Our elegant and efficient designs foster natural cycles for filtering air and water at the neighbourhood level. These improved landscapes reduce erosion, flooding and landslide risk; create healthy habitats for fish and wildlife, all while saving taxpayers money on energy, fertilizer and irrigation. The age of unplanned sprawl is ending. It’s time to upgrade to smart, sustainable cities. Developers and municipal governments can count on Brinkman Restoration to lay the groundwork for the coming transition.